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Our activities are oriented towards interdisciplinary research and capacity-building on the following topics:

Interdisciplinary Methodology development

Our team has the experience necessary to facilitate the development of methodology for applied research. We seek to promote the greater use, knowledge, and benefits of the application of research methodologies, and offer a wide range of tools to assist you in your project.

Human ecology and environmental knowledge

Projects under this header are oriented towards exploring and promoting the human ecology perspective and its potential contribution to generating suitable and strategic environmental knowledge that can be used to solve socio-ecological problems.

Sustainable communities

Our projects seek to identify the conditions required to improve the sustainability of human communities under themes including the use of strategic resources such as water, energy, and biodiversity. We explore the design of sustainable futures scenarios, adaptation strategies, and environmental resilience. See our latest research

Project evaluation and social assessment

We work in collaboration with organisations to help them assess the social impact combining integral sustainability variables, and integrating different degrees of environmental and economic assessment. See our latest evaluations.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We combine an interdisciplinary approach for environmental impact assessment integrating sustainability variables in specific case studies.

Citizen science labs & action research

We combine public deliberation about complex social problems, with rigorous interdisciplinary methodology. This requires engaging heterogeneous interest groups of people who are willing to collaborate in adopting a ‘citizens action research’ approach to improving their community life conditions.

Public policy for sustainable human development

INTERHES engages particularly with the analysis of different levels of policy implementation. We help to identify informational, cognitive and conceptual barriers to the implementation of policies supporting integral sustainable development.