Raul has a doctorate in Teledetection (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) and a Masters in Economics Geology (Colorado). He has engaged in specialist studies at the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (University of New Mexico) and other studies of Geographic information system (GIS) topics, mining policy and environmental regulation, environmental risks, environmental legislation, geochemistry, aeromagnetic information, remote perception, and hydrothermal alteration, among others. He holds a certificate for Mineral Project Reporting Under NI 43-101 from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum in association with EduMine. Raul is the author of numerous databases for industrial use including Industrial Minerals of Mexico and their Application in the Market: Exploration Guides. He has been in a position of principal responsibility for over 100 environmental projects. He also has taught different courses and has extensive experience as a conference speaker on technical aspects of the prevention of geological risk, environmental conflict, hydrogeological studies, geology, ecology and mining, geological implications in site selection for the disposal of dangerous waste, geological faults, water localization techniques, the application of geographical information systems, and the spatial analysis of environmental risk, among other subjects. He is currently the Director of Segeomex Exploration and Laboratory, Llc., in Mexico.