The scope of INTERHES is international. Our members are mainly professionals and academics dedicated to the practice, study and teaching of interdisciplinary research. INTERHES encourages dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, methodology and the results of interdisciplinary research experiences by means of spaces for exchange, agreements, collaborations and other forms of institutional cooperation and science outreach. See list of members

Board of Directors 2015–2019

Our board is elected by members each four years. Currently is in charge of:

Dr. Patricia E. Almaguer-Kalixto, President (Zaragoza, Spain)

Dr. Raúl Almaguer Tapia, Secretary (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

Dr. Oscar Alvarez-Macotela, Treasurer, (London, UK)

Scientific Advisory Board

INTERHES is supported by an all-voluntary, unpaid Scientific Advisory Board. The board comprises renowned scientists from various disciplines and international institutions. Its objective is to assist with the development of INTERHES’s profile by advising on scientific quality issues and linking with other knowledge and research networks. See the Scientific Advisory Board members list.

See the Goals & Values that give sense to our Institute.